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your name is _____, and this is whats happening.
Let's explain, shall we? You sit there smirking like a perverted idiot but what you're smirking at has nothing to do with your pervy mind. You have just handed your best-friend, (and flush crush) Sollux, a small bag of pop-rocks. This is going to be entertaining....

    "the fuck ith thith?" he said, immediately ripping open the back to examine its contents. "sollux, take a chill pill, its candy. You eat it"

   He gave you a confused look and held up the largest pebble of the rock candy. "thith? thith ith human candy? human candy ith thtupid....why do you want me to do thith again?" You snatch the bag of pop rocks from his hand and glare at him, "dont you DARE call candy stupid. Candy is wonderful!! And i wanted to see how you...uhm..feel~ about pop rocks"

    He sighed, "Fine, gimme the thtupid...i-i mean...gimme the candy." you growl and hand him the bag of pop rocks.

    He takes the bag and pours a small amount onto his tongue, which immediately start popping (motherfucker just went for it). He gives you a worried look and sticks his tongue out.

    You laugh at his reaction, "Put your tongue back in you mouth!!!"

    He shakes his head and grabs your shirt, wiping his tongue on it. "awww c'mon dude! thats the fuck." Still with your shirt up, Sollux sneaks a peak at your chest and blushes a bright yellow. He lets go of your shirt and smirks.

    "Alright, ____. I'll eat your thilly rock candy... on one condition"

                                                                   *ONE CONDITION LATER*

    You sit there, angry as fuck, crossing your arms.....shirt off, "you son of a fuck." The smirk still slapped on his face, "c'mon ____, itth jutht for a thecond"

    "Just eat the fucking candy." He laughs and pours a small amount of pop rocks onto his tongue. still with a weird look on his face, he powered through the popping candy. (its like fucking candy torture now) After the few seconds the popping lasted, he looked at you and stuck his tongue out at you.

    You rolled your eyes and started to put your shirt back on. "wait, ___...before you put your thirt back on...i wanted to tell you..."

    "Tell me what?" you said putting your shirt back down. cause dont give a shit about wearing a shirt or not.

    "I jutht wanted to fluthed for you."

    You smile, leaning over to kiss him on the cheek. But this asshole! Just as you were about to kiss his cheek he turns his head forcing your lips to connect with his.

    You were about to pill away from surprise when his hands pulled you closer to him. You think to yourself fuck it, and you just go with it.

    After a few seconds of "just going with it" you both find yourselves in need of air. "I was about to say before I was so rudely~ interrupted.... flushed for you too, sollux"

    Both sat there (somehow you ended up in his lap) and ate pop rocks for the rest of the evening.

                                                                                           THE END!

                                                                          (JUST KIDDING! LOLOLOL)

    You look at sollux, "well... the pop rocks are all gone...we're matesprits now...can i put my fucking shirt back on?!"

    He looks back at you, contemplating his next answer, ""

    "GOD DAMN IT....fine" you growl.

    With a smug grin from sollux i end this fanfiction. good day. I SAID GOOD DAY SIR
alright alright thats over with sorry
i wrote this in the middle of the night

:iconsolluxplz: (c) :iconhussieplz:
you (c) :iconsexysolluxplz:
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